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Badminton Daily Horoscope Game
Broke a racquet, sprain ankle or just couldn't get the shuttle into the position you want as usual? Is this YOUR good day to play badminton?

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Sinar Mutiara Shuttlecock
(King Smash & Legend 1)

New series shuttlecock
Goose Feathers
Natural Cork
MB Badminton String (NMB 99)
Carbon Nanofiber
Looking for a good and cheap badminton shuttlecock?
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i used to be a competitive player during my school days....
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7.8 Lee Kang Hao
18 year old male. passionate about badminton, and usuall...
6.8 Koh Ming Jun
5.1 Anthony
interested in badminton...
8.3 Andrew Lee
usually play at safra tampines and sbh....
4.0 Vincent Chan
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A Singapore based social & leisure badminton group, organising games mainly in Woodlands/Marsiling/Gombak region. Welcomes players of any age/gender/race/levels.
Badminton Central
an online community dedicated to the exchange of information and sharing of our passion for the game of badminton
Badminton Doubles
Find out how to improve your Badminton Doubles techniques & tactics, and watch videos to improve your shots.
SMD Badminton
Singapore Mixed Double Badminton Group

Man SinglesHits
MS (XehBao vs TK) (14 comments)1320
IMH MS (David vs WQ) (1 comments)915
Lin Dan copying Netasia's trademark shot. (6 comments)780
TTSH MS (James vs Eric) (2 comments)572
IMH MS (David vs Darius) 518
Lin Dan lost to a social player in china 482
MS (David vs TK) 422
MS (David vs Bowen) 400
All England MS (Peter Gade vs Taufik) 368
Man DoubleHits
[MATCH] Daniel/Garth vs Anthony/Ryan 27692
[MATCH] Jimmy/Junwei vs Zacky/Zahadi (1 comments)27507
[MATCH] Mustafa/Netasia vs Ah Hong/Roy (4 comments)27123
[MATCH] Ambert/Derek vs PK/KP 27057
[MATCH] Shiquan/Mustafa vs Sam / Mio 26496
[MATCH] Daryl/Johnson vs Botak/Ah heng 25834
Geoff/Shi Quan vs Badminton Buddies 2nd Set 24943
Uncle Jimmy/Anthony vs Uncle Lim/Andrain 5415
Ambert/Fabien vs Mustafa/Netasia (2 comments)4747
Netasia/Junwei vs Doc/Assistant Coach (2 comments)3831
Ambert/Rick vs Ah De/Victor 3769
Andrain/Anthony vs Mustafa/Netasia (2 comments)3764
Rick/Renard vs Zhenlong/Wenbin (1 comments)3452
Herman/Dickson vs Tau/Leslie (1 comments)3384
wee yeh/junwei vs anthony/ambert 3247
ShiQuan/Johnson vs Nelson/James Hu 3214
Junwei/Weeyeh vs Rick/Geoff 3172
Herman/Rick vs Leslie/Ali 2779
The young NS guy joining us for 1 game (7 comments)1793
Netasia\'s latest game against 2 coaches (7 comments)1639
Netasia\'s latest game against 2 coaches (7 comments)1635
Mustafa/Netasia vs Weeyeh vs Johnson 1220
[MATCH] Ambert/Dickson vs Rajesh/Prem (14 comments)1187
Ambert/Thai vs Rick/Garth (7 comments)1118
CCK Friendly CS and Partick (1 comments)1099
[MATCH] Harry/Darryl vs SongMing/Gabiel Game 2 (1 comments)981
[Friendly]Ambert/Chyuan Ming vs Eric/Waylen Game 1 (12 comments)961
Daryl/Junwei vs Junhui/Daniel (2 comments)924
Daniel/Weeyea vs Mus/Junwei 909
IMH MD (Hary/Joshua vs Junwei/Darryl) (9 comments)893
Anthony/Renard vs Junwei/Shengxuan 809
Herman/Jimmy vs Shengxuan/Uncle Lim 808
Mus/Netasia vs Raymond/Wee Yeh (2 comments)802
Limton/Mus vs Amber/Renzhi (2 comments)750
FTP MD(Dragon/Hongyi vs Daryl/Lai) 713
Derek/Netasia vs Junwei/Ambert (3 comments)711
Herman/Netasia vs Mike/Badmeanturn 696
Mus and Netasia vs Daniel and Hary (4 comments)695
BNiC: Rick/Melvyn vs Uncle Lim/Jun Hui (1 comments)692
FTP MD(Wong/Daryl vs LCW/Tanlee) (1 comments)684
Cheers Open 2007 MD Semi-Final (2 comments)680
[MATCH] Jimmy/Rick vs Gina/Siva (3 comments)664
Ambert/Daniel vs Xehbao/Shengxuan (2 comments)660
Zhenlong/Galvin vs Derek/Ambert 655
[Rare footage]Netasia kenna play like monkey (2 comments)651
IMH MD(Rick/Bruce vs Herman's friend from Australia) 638
CCK Friendly (David/Darius vs Simon & Wilfred) 637
Junhui/Junwei vs Ambert/Felix 636
Ambert/Junwei vs Junhui/Xehbao 616
IMH MD(Edwyn/Mus vs Daniel/Junwei) (1 comments)605
[MATCH] Daryl/Herman vs Patrick/Wong 595
[MATCH] Daryl/Herman vs Patrick/Wong 594
Mus/David vs Ambert/Wilson (2 comments)594
Weeyea/Porroy vs Uncle Lim/Clinton 590
[MATCH] Renard/Chyuan Ming vs Siva/Jino (8 comments)585
IMH MD (Father & Son pairing) (1 comments)578
Shengxuan/Alex vs Herman/Jimmy 574
Friendly First MD(Dargon/Hongyi vs Peter/GuoZhen) 574
FTP (a funny ending to a hard fought rally) (4 comments)570
IMH MD (Daniel/Daryl vs Jackie/Junwei) with scoreline of 29-30 566
Derek/Ambert vs Zhibin/Bowen (6 comments)564
Friendly 3rd MD (Magic/Netasia vs Michael/Mr Wong) 564
IMH (Joe/Rick vs Patrick/CS) 562
[MATCH] Rick/Jimmy vs Biju/Kannan (4 comments)561
Zehbao/Rick vs Ambert/Junwei (1 comments)557
BNiC: Clinton/Uncle lim vs Daryl/Daniel 541
Zhenlong/CM vs Derek/Zhibin (5 comments)536
Intracon 2008 MD (Daryl in action game 1) (1 comments)534
IMH MD (Darius/Steven vs Mike/Wangqian) 530
FTP MD (Wong/Melvin vs Junwei/Netasia) (2 comments)524
FTP MD (Hongyi/Dragon vs Luoh Yiing/Teddy) 523
[SIP] Chan/Netasia vs Singtel (2 comments)519
FTP MD (Francis/Net vs Wong/David) (5 comments)517
IMH Mus/Wilson vs Herman/Edi 514
FTP MD (Junwei/WeiJie vs Wong/Teddy) 505
FTP MD (Hongyi/David vs Mike/Dragon) 502
IMH MD(Herman/Netasia vs David/Rick) 499
IMH MD(Darius/Jimmy vs Joe/Net) 496
IMH (Patrick/Wilson vs Joe/Victor) 493
[Youtube] Aman/Terence vs Weiliang/Netasia (4 comments)490
Anthony/Baisong vs Daryl/Junwei (2 comments)482
IMH MD (Darius/Joe vs Wangqi/Steven) 482
IMH MD(Daniel/Edi vs Daryl/Netasia) 479
Zhenlong/Raymond vs Zhonglin/Herman 479
Intracon 2008 MD (Daryl in action game 2) 477
IMH MD (Netasia/Renard vs Shawal/Anthony) 476
Netasia/Weiliang vs Martin/Baisong (1 comments)473
Shiquan/Xehbao vs Ambert/Junhui 472
FTP MD (Hongyi/Melvin vs David/Netasia) 472
IMH Jimmy/XiaoYang vs Anthony/Shawal 464
IMH MD (Renard/Netasia vs Daryl/David) 464
Renzhi/Junwei vs Herman/Netasia 464
IMH MD(Joe/Renard vs Patrick/Jackie) (1 comments)462
Netasia/Daryl vs Ambert/Daniel (1 comments)461
IMH MD (Wong/Patrick vs Steven/Danial) 458
Jun Hui/Daryl vs Ambert/Daniel 457
IMH MD(Jimmy/Wilson vs Joshua/Renard) (1 comments)449
IMH MD (Wilson/Patrick vs Daryl/Netasia) 448
FTP MD(Mus/Junwei vs Bobby/Ah Xiong) 445
[MATCH] Bruce/Garth vs Albert/Michael (1 comments)444
[MATCH] Bruce/Garth vs Albert/Michael (1 comments)443
Cheers Open MD round 1 442
[Hide-The-Net] Daniel/Erwan vs Steven/Bowen (3 comments)441
IMH MD (WangQian/Renard vs Daryl/Net) 436
FTP MD(XiaoYang/Daryl vs Bobby/Ah Xiong) 436
[Youtube] Aman & Rocky Cheers 2007 (1 comments)433
FTP MD (Hongyi/Dragon vs Luoh Yiing/Cornelius) 429
[Match] Tanfei/Dickson vs Philip/Lu xiu chan 423
Netasia/Mus vs Junwei/Anthony (1 comments)423
IMH MD (Joe/Renard vs Patrick/Daryl) 422
Derek/Chyuan Ming vs Zhenlong/Zhibin (1 comments)421
MD (Anthony/Bruce vs Junwei/Netasia) (3 comments)421
MD (Rick/Ah Orh vs TK/Daniel) 417
[MATCH] ambert/leslie vs eric/engchai (4 comments)417
TTSH MD Daryl/Net vs James/Eric 412
[MATCH] ambert/leslie vs eric/engchai (4 comments)411
[MATCH] Anthony/Daniel vs Satheesh/Ranjit (7 comments)410
Jimmy/Rick vs Mustafa/Netasia (2 comments)407
Looks familiar? Jens Eriksen deception at net (2 comments)403
Mus/Steven vs Derek/Nelson (1 comments)401
Daniel/Porroy vs Garth/Phung 398
Baisong/Junwei vs Daryl/Netasia 396
ZhiBin/Ambert vs Bowen/Derek 394
IMH MD(Junwei & Bao) 392
IMH MD CS/Mike vs Patrick/David 391
[Youtube] Nice doubles rally (1 comments)391
MD (ZhiBin/ZhengLong vs Ambert/Bowen) (1 comments)389
Daniel/JunHui vs Garth/Ambert 388
ChyuanMing/Ambert vs Yee/Shan (1 comments)386
Bowen/Rick vs Derek/Ambert 384
IMH MD(Joe/Francis vs Patrick/Netasia) 383
David/Ambert vs Derek/Bowen Game 1 380
[MATCH] Derek/ChyuanMing vs Kelvin/Eric 379
MD (Ah Orh/TK vs Ambert/XehBao) 378
Jeremy/Fedrick vs Mustafa/Netasia (1 comments)378
Zhenlong/Daryl vs Herman/John 373
[MATCH] Zhibin/Zhenlong vs Chia/Ah Bang 369
IMH-TTSH Friendly (Jung/JW vs Haiping/Puling) Game 1 368
[MATCH] Zhibin/Zhenlong vs Chia/Ah Bang 366
David/Ambert vs Derek/Bowen Game 2 (1 comments)364
IMH TTSH Friendly (Mus/Guowei vs Haiping/Benard) (1 comments)362
Anthony/Junwei vs Shiquan/Geoff Game 2 361
[MATCH] Zhenlong/Galvin vs Punin/James 361
[MATCH] Junwei/Xehbao vs Linson/Tom (1 comments)360
Patrick/Zhenlong vs Yee/YeeShan 359
Shiquan/Rocky vs Herman/Rick 359
[MATCH] Mustafa/Netasia vs William/Chee Siong 358
[MATCH] Mustafa/Netasia vs William/Chee Siong 357
Garth/Jeremy vs Zhibin/Galvin (1 comments)354
Zhenlong/Bowen vs Yee/YeeShan 352
Daniel/Junwei vs Ambert/Shiquan 349
ZhenLong/Zhibin vs Bowen/Ambert 348
IMH TTSH Friendly (Weijie/Anthony vs Zhaolei/Benard) 348
Mustafa/Netasia vs Zhibin/Melvyn (1 comments)347
[MATCH] Ambert/Chyuanming vs Seng/Seng 347
Rick/Mus vs Dickson/Steven 345
[MATCH] Mustafa/Netasia vs Punin/Zhaolei 345
IMH MD (Richard/Wangqian vs Hary/Daniel) (1 comments)344
[MATCH] James/Eric vs Shibao/Wilson Game 2 341
Melvyn/Patrick vs Hary/Daniel 338
[MATCH] James/Eric vs Shibao/Wilson Game 1 337
MD (Shibao/Derek vs Rick/Monfort kid) 337
IMH MD (jung/clarence vs danial/aldy) 336
IMH MD (Wilson/Ambert vs Patrick/ShiBao) 336
Bruce/Netasia vs Leslie/Junwei 335
BaiSong/Peter vs Hiok/Netasia 335
IMH MD (aldy/clarence vs andrew/daryl) game 2 334
Daniel/Netasia vs Dickson/Garth 334
Zhenlong/Galvin vs Junwei/Zhibin 333
MD (Daryl/Derek vs Shibao/Ambert) Game 1 333
Mus/Netasia vs Puning/Gabiel 330
IMH MD (Patrick/Shibao vs Wilson/Ambert) 328
[Hide-The-Net] Netasia/Rick vs Steven/Melvyn (1 comments)326
IMH MD (Melvyn/Darryl vs Net/Hary) 326
[Friendly]Ambert/Chyuan Ming vs Eric/Waylen Game 2 324
Tan Fei/Ambert vs Wayne/Dickson 322
Anthony/Daniel vs Ben/Geoff 320
Anthony/Junwei vs Shiquan/Geoff Game 1 319
IMH MD (ShiBao/Melvyn vs Li Min/Gabriel) 317
Joe/Daniel vs David/Anthony 316
MD (Yee/YeeShan vs Ambert/Bowen) 315
Ambert/Derek vs Zhenlong/Zhibin 314
IMH TTSH Friendly (Weijie/Anthony vs Zhaolei/Benard) game 2 314
Junwei/ChyuanMing vs Rick/Tanfei (1 comments)313
Dickson/Wayne vs Junwei/Rao 312
Anthony/Herman vs Zhibin/Zhenlong 312
[MATCH] ambert/Netasiavs Arun/Unni 312
IMH MD (aldy/clarence vs andrew/daryl) game 1 311
[MATCH] Jimmy/Shawal vs Haiping/Shawal Game 2 311
MD (Patrick/Rick vs Ambert/Shibao) 311
MD (Steven/Ah Orh vs XehBao/Bowen) 305
IMH-TTSH Friendly (Jung/JW vs Haiping/Puling) Game 2 304
Daniel/Geoff vs Thaksin/Anthony 301
MD (Daryl/Derek vs Shibao/Ambert) Game 2 301
Zhibin/Galvin vs Chyuanming/Weiliang 301
Derek/Ambert vs Chyuangming/Zhenlong 300
Derek/Ambert vs Chyuangming/Zhenlong 299
[MATCH] Jimmy/Rick vs Gabiel/Haiping 299
MD Shibao/Netasia vs Ambert/Wilson 297
Hary/Xehbao vs Patrick/Joshua 296
MD (Daniel/Junwei vs Anthony/Netasia) 296
[MATCH] Jimmy/Shawal vs Haiping/Shawal Game 1 294
Steven/Wangqian vs Bowen/Ambert 294
[MATCH] Tanfei/Jason vs Rajesh/Siva 291
IMH TTSH Friendly MD(Melvyn/Weijie vs Haiping/Pulin) 290
Steven/Rick vs Mus/Netaasia 289
Mus/Netasia vs Geoff/Derek 289
Steven/Netasia ve Mus/Daryl (1 comments)288
Steven/Rick vs Mus/Netaasia 288
Dickson/Jimmy vs Anthony/Daniel 284
[MATCH] Harry/Darryl vs SongMing/Gabiel Game 1 283
Patrick/Brian vs Daniel/Friend 280
IMH MD (JW/Jimmy vs Darryl/ZiGuang) 279
Rick/Darryl vs Shibao/Bowen 277
ZhiBin/Junwei vs Daryl/Netasia 277
MD( TK/Ah Orh vs Daryl/Derek) 276
Wangqian/Netasia vs Daniel/Junwei 276
Thaksin/Derek vs Philip/Zhaolei 274
Rick/Jimmy vs Patrick/Xehbao 273
IMH MD (Alfred/Net vs Mus/WQ) game 1 272
Netasia/Weiliang vs Ambert/Dickson 265
Zhenlong/Zhibin vs Ambert/ChyuanMing 265
IMH MD (Alfred/Net vs Mus/WQ) game 2 259
Women SingleHits
1st short WS video (Mega vs Venny) 533
[SIP] Unofficial Match: Women Singles (5 comments)521
[SIP] Unofficial Match: Women Singles (5 comments)518
[WS] Mega vs Pingping (3 comments)499
Women DoubleHits
Karen/Weiling vs Zanel/Maureen 25721
IMH Friendly WD 3817
Cheryl/Zanel vs Yulan/Huiming (1 comments)3684
Cherly/Melanie vs Charmaine/Camillia (1 comments)3499
Cheers Open 2008 WD (Mega/Ven Round 1) (14 comments)2484
Venny/Malaysian Girl vs Cheryl/Huiming (13 comments)1470
Zanel/Maureen vs Irene/Winnie (18 comments)1398
WD Mega/Venny Cheers 2007 1235
Venny/Zanel vs Osh/Fhen (6 comments)1205
MDIS WD (Cheryl/Mega vs Joyce/Janet) game 2 (3 comments)673
Malanie/Camillia vs Chujie/Shurong 629
Cheryl/Camillia vs Zanel/Irene 520
FTP women doubles 514
Cheers 2008 WD (Chinese Swimming Club) (1 comments)479
Cheers 2008 WD (Rosie in action) (5 comments)467
Cheers 2008 WD (Rosie in action) 456
Camillia/Shurong vs Zhouyan/Zanel 445
MDIS WD (Cheryl/Mega vs Joyce/Janet) (4 comments)433
Camellia/Catherine vs Pingping/Joyce (1 comments)428
Cheryl/Camillia vs Camillia/Irene 426
Cheers WD (The Thais) 422
WD (Cheryl/Maureen vs Julie/Camellia) (6 comments)419
Zanel/Maureen vs Pingping/kit yee (3 comments)414
Joann/Zanel vs Pingping/Maureen 400
IMH WD (Cheryl/Rachelle vs Maureen/Winne) (3 comments)396
Cheers Doubles WD (Mega/Ven Round 2 Game 2) 391
Cheers Doubles WD (Mega/Ven Round 2 Game 1) 375
Cheers Doubles WD (Mega/Ven Round 2 Game 3) 371
Elaine/Zanel vs Charlene/Chery game 1 370
Elaine/Zanel vs Charlene/Chery game 2 367
Peijia/Cynthia vs Pingpingl/Maureen (3 comments)362
[MATCH] Camellia/Zanel vs Ke er/Winnie 346
Pingping/Joyce vs Maureen/Zanel 330
Maureen/Zanel vs Irene/PingPing Game 2 329
WD (Cheryl/Camellia vs Zanel/Maureen) 327
Mega/Cheryl vs Julie/Camilla 324
Cuiping/Cheryl vs Meijun/Delynn 323
IMH WD (Cheryl/Venny vs Winnie/Mega) 322
Zanel/Maureen vs Winnie/Irene 316
WD (Cheryl/Zanel vs Winnie/Anke) 312
Zanel/Venny vs Irene/Maureen 286
Maureen/Zanel vs Irene/PingPing Game 1 285
Venny/Maureen vs Winnie/Mega 283
Maureen/Venny vs Zanel/Irene 283
Angela/Brenda vs Delynn/Camillia 283
Cuiping/Melody vs Zanel/Cheryl 281
Meijun/Melody vs Zanel/Cheryl 278
Maureen/Pingping vs Joyce/Zanel Game 1 276
Maureen/Zanel vs Pingping/Camellia 264
Mega/Maureen vs Pingping/Camellia 253
Mixed DoubleHits
[MATCH] Cheryl/Renard vs Anthony/Philly 27563
Elaine/Daniel vs Badminton Buddies 2nd Set 25928
Maureen/Derek vs Badminton Buddies 1st Set 25777
Elaine/Daniel vs Badminton Buddies 1st Set 25366
Maureen/Derek vs Badminton Buddies 2nd Set 24791
Mustafa/Chu Jie vs Ah De/Huiming 3548
Mustafa/Camillia vs Huiming/Wangqian 3470
Herman/Cheryl va Melanie/Daniel 3239
Daryl/Camillia vs Melanie/Merrell 3237
Camillia/Mustafa vs Alice/Ah De 3148
John/Cheryl vs Zanel/Ambert 2793
Zanel/Renzhi vs Mustafa/Camillia 1489
Ambert/Mega vs Catherine/ChyuanMing (17 comments)1463
Ricky/Chujie vs Ambert/Zanel (2 comments)1450
Junwei/Winnie vs Rick/Cheryl (6 comments)1106
Herman/Chujie vs Netasia/Zanel 1035
Rick/Cheryl vs Shiquan/Melanie 919
Mus/Elaine vs Netasia/Melanie (2 comments)858
FTP XD(HuiMing/Dragon vs HongYi/Sheryl) (6 comments)710
Felix/Shurong vs Zanel/Ambert 646
FTP XD(Daryl/Noel vs Net/Sheryl) 596
IMH XD(Rick/Cheryl vs Maureen/Shawal) (4 comments)594
[King Smash] Zanel/Netasia vs Cheryl/Rick (3 comments)586
Daryl/Chujie vs Uncle Lim/Zanel 547
Olivia/Mr. Wong vs HuiMing/Rackey 543
Zhenlong/Irene vs Rick/Cheryl 535
[MATCH] Mus/Cheryl vs Jack/Jelly 506
Junwei/Camillia vs Delynn/Jimmy (5 comments)491
Venny/Daniel vs XiaoYang/Mega 483
IMG Mus/Mega vs Janet/Renard 436
IMH XD (Cheryl/Rick vs Daryl/Venny) 411
Lee Chong Wei partner our ah cat? (4 comments)400
Maureen/Daniel vs Nelson/Zanel (5 comments)394
IMH XD (Maureen/Mus vs Jimmy/Cheryl) 387
IMH XD (Cheryl/Wangqian vs Richard/Winnie) (1 comments)384
Netasia/Zanel vs Junwei/Melanie 383
IMH Mus/Net vs Joyce/Hafis 374
Netasia/Cheryl vs Yusan/Bruce (5 comments)366
Daniel/Winnie vs Irene/Junwei 355
Joyce/Zhibin vs Catherine/ChyuanMing 350
IMH XD (Zanel/Shawal vs Winnie/Netasia) 345
Herman/Cheryl vs Zanel/Shiquan 345
Ambert/Zanel vs Hary/Mega 342
IMH XD (Maureen/Bowen vs Camellia/Darryl) game 1 341
Rao/Grace vs Steven/Grace's friend (1 comments)338
Zanel/Samuel vs Richard/Maureen (1 comments)335
XD (Daniel/Maureen vs Net/Camilla) (3 comments)328
David/Venny vs Mega/SinKong 327
[Youtube] Zanel/Ambert vs Derek/Maureen 325
Patrick/Winnie vs maureen/Bowen 323
IMH XD (Maureen/Bowen vs Camellia/Darryl) game 2 323
Tanfei/Winnie vs Wangqian/Rachelle 317
[MATCH] Camellia/Zhibin vs Ke er/James 317
XD (Zanel/Junwei vs Huiming/Netasia) (1 comments)314
IMH XD (Daniel/Maureen vs Cheryl/Steven) 314
IMH XD(Andrew/Ying vs Rick/Cheryl) 310
IMH XD (Daniel/Cheryl vs Maureen/Steven) 304
Camilia/Zhenlong vs Delynn/Junwei 300
IMH (Mus/Cheryl vs Jimmy/Maureen) 299
Herman/Zanel vs Cheryl/Netasia 298
Bowen/Maureen vs Anthony/Venny 296
Camilia/Zhenlong vs Delynn/Junwei 295
Mus/Cheryl vs Zanel/Netasia 295
XD (Patrick/Maureen vs Anthony/Mega) 287
ZhiBin/Irene vs Winnie/Junwei 277
XD (ShiBao/Julie vs Bowen/Cheryl) 276
[MATCH] Herman/August vs Ben/Steven 27455
Li Ning fashion show! 22505
FTP XD vs MD(Iwan/Mega vs Ah Xiong/Xiao Yang) 21530
Exhibition Match (Part 2) 7731
Mustafa/Irene vs Dickson/Renard 6904
FTP Junwei/Lee vs HuiMing/David 5477
Yuan/Daniel vs Clinton/Shurong 3369
Camillia/Weeyea vs Mus/Netasia 3352
IMH TTSH Friendly (Melvyn/Cheryl vs LuBin/Haiping) game 1 1621
[MATCH] Net/Huiming vs Jack/YT (13 comments)1583
Introducing IMH members (16 comments)1489
badminton Doubles Training with Bai Song 1443
IMH (Mega/Ven vs Renard/Net) game 4/5 (11 comments)1284
Junwei/Daniel vs Zanel/Amber 1165
Sunday SGChinese Group Introduction (4 comments)1152
Anyone interested in such trainings? (11 comments)1104
Hiok/Netasia vs Li YuJia/BaiSong (2 comments)1044
TTSH (James/Eric vs MEgaVen) (11 comments)1042
Baisong/Li Yujia vs Weiliang/Netasia 946
Introducing the members from the Sunday Toa Payoh Sport Hall Chinese Group (3 comments)873
Mega/Cat vs Melvyn/Netasia (12 comments)855
IMH Rachelle's training video (7 comments)839
Zanel/Herman vs Anthony/Netasia (4 comments)812
CSC Venny and Anke HD video (9 comments)683
IMH WD vs MD(Mega/Ven vs Dar/Net game 2) (10 comments)683
Sunday TPY training session 634
[MATCH] Daniel/Venny vs Philips/James Game 1 (8 comments)631
Introducing FTPSS players (1 comments)629
IMH (David/Anke vs Joshua/Hary) (4 comments)594
IMH Singles(David vs Mega game 1) (3 comments)592
Anthony/Geoff vs Elaine/Shiquan (2 comments)592
IMH Mega/Ven vs Renard/Junwei game 1 (4 comments)592
IMH Daniel/Venny vs Hary/Anthony 591
Cheryl/Mus vs Arun/Prasanth (5 comments)567
Mega look-alike (9 comments)560
Lee/Dragon vs Peter/HuiMing 555
Josua and his little sister vs Camilla/Julia (6 comments)523
Elaine/Netasia vs Friends (3 comments)506
FTP MD vs XD(Dragon/Honyi vs Xiong/Mega) (1 comments)505
IMH (Mega/Ven vs Rick/Junwei) (4 comments)502
IMH TTSH Friendly (Melvyn/Cheryl vs LuBin/Haiping) game 2 492
Garth/Netasia vs Cheryl/Herman (2 comments)479
Garth/Netasia vs Cheryl/Herman (2 comments)476
[MATCH] David/Mega vs Lubin/Haiping Game 2 (4 comments)463
A must watch video for badminton players (2 comments)454
IMH WD vs MD(Mega/Ven vs Anthony/Netasia) 453
IMH (Mega/Ven vs Renard/Net) game 2/5 (2 comments)452
WS vs MS (Hafis vs Mega) (1 comments)442
[MATCH] Junwei/Anthony vs Winnie/Yilong 441
IMH MD (Victor/Anthony vs Hary/Mega) 436
FTP XD (Mike/Reis vs HuiMing/Adeline) 433
FTP HuiMing/Dragon vs HongYi/Luoh Yiing 431
IMH (Mega/Ven vs Renard/Net) game 1/5 422
FTP WD vs MD (Cheryl/Huiming vs James/Mike) Game 1 421
CSC Higher Quality Video (1 comments)420
IMH Mega/Ven vs Renard/Junwei game 2 418
IMH WD vs MD(Mega/Ven vs Dar/Net game 1) 416
TPSH (Mega/Venny vs Mus/Net) Game 2 414
IMH WD vs MD(Mega/Ven vs Dar/Net game 3) (1 comments)414
Exhibition Match (Part 1) (5 comments)413
[MATCH] Maureen/Netasia vs Rajesh/Savant (1 comments)411
Cheryl/Daryl vs Netasia/Daniel (5 comments)408
[MATCH] Mus/Maureen vs Songming/ZhaoLei Game 2 (4 comments)408
Maureen/Zanel vs Winnie/Netasia (1 comments)406
Daryl/Netasia vs Zhouyan/Herman 405
[MATCH] Rick/Cheryl vs Bert/Shawn 405
IMH (Mega/Ven vs Renard/Net) game 3/5 402
Guoming/Junwei vs Netasia/Elaine 397
[MATCH] Zanel/Netasia vs Biju/Jino (2 comments)397
CSC Huiming first session at CSC 397
Darius/Mega vs David/Netasia 396
IMH WD vs MD (Mega/Ven vs Daniel/Victor) game 2 393
IMH WD vs MD (Mega/Ven vs Daniel/Victor) game 1 392
FTP WD vs MD (Cheryl/Huiming vs James/Mike) Game 2 392
Charlene/Netasia vs Zanel/Cheryl 391
IMH Cheryl/Rick vs Netasia/ShiBao (3 comments)389
TPSH (Mega/Venny vs Mus/Net) Game 3 389
IMH (Mega/Ven vs Renard/Net) game 5/5 388
IMH Bruce/April vs Songming/Youhong (4 comments)386
IMH (Shibao/Wilson vs Ambert/Zanel) 386
TPSH (Mega/Venny vs Mus/Net) Game 1 385
Hary/Maureen vs Mega/Zanel 383
IMH (Mus/Net vs Mega/Venny) 383
Daniel/Elaine vs John/friend (2 comments)383
[MATCH] Mus/Maureen vs Songming/ZhaoLei Game 1 (5 comments)381
IMH WD vs MD (Mega/Ven vs Daniel/Victor) game 3 380
Cat/Mega vs CM/Jasmelia 380
Charlene/Joe vs Anthony/Renard 378
Mega/Venny vs Bowen/Ambert (1 comments)377
Mustafa/Netasia vs Herman/Cheryl (4 comments)376
Mus/Net vs Irene/Pingping 375
Exhibition Match (Part 4) 372
[MATCH] Cheryl/Rick vs Pu nin/Netasia Game 2 (2 comments)371
Mus/Maureen vs Anthony/Daniel 370
Cheryl/Herman vs Daniel/Junwei 369
Zanel/Netasia Ben/Shiquan 367
Zanel/Herman vs Anthony/Netasia 367
[IMH vs CSC] MuXiong/Yee vs Rick/Cheryl -Game 1 365
Daniel/Elaine vs Patrick/friend (1 comments)362
Josua/Hary vs Junwei/Venny 360
Game at CSC (Huiming vs Muxiong) (2 comments)359
Mus/Rick vs Bowen/Maureen 359
[MATCH] Ambert/Zanel vs Wang Qian/Li Min Game 1 359
[MATCH] Maureen/Zanel vs Prem/Siva 358
Daniel/Winnie vs Cheryl/Venny 350
[Legend 1] Zanel/Herman vs Anthony/Jimmy 346
Zanel/Netasia vs Tanfei/Ambert 344
Daniel/Winnie vs Irene/Zhibin 343
Cheryl/Daryl vs Daniel/Wangqian 342
Patrick/Winnie vs Wangqian/Richard 340
IMH (Cheryl/Rick vs Pu Nin/Eric) 340
[IMH vs CSC] Ambert/Zanel vs Ben/Ka Soon -Game 1 339
[MATCH] Patrick/Wnnie vs Pu Nin/ Gabriel Game 2 339
[MATCH] Patrick/Wnnie vs Pu Nin/ Gabriel Game 1 337
Maureen/Zanel vs Tanfei/Garth (2 comments)335
Rao/Nelson vs Venny/Netasia Game 2 331
Anthony/Daniel vs Maureen/Netasia 331
[MATCH] Cheryl/Rick vs Pu nin/Netasia Game 1 327
Mus/Netasia vs Daniel/Elaine 327
[MATCH] David/Mega vs Lubin/Haiping Game 1 326
David/Mega vs Zhenlong/Zhibin 323
[MATCH] Daniel/Venny vs Philips/James Game 2 321
Rao/Nelson vs Venny/Netasia Game 1 320
[MATCH] Mus/Maureen vs Satheesh/Prem 319
IMH (Ambert/Wilson vs David/Anke) 319
Maureen/Bowen vs IMH brothers 318
IMH (Maureen/Jimmy vs Rick/Kief) Game 1 318
[MATCH] ambert/zanel vs Kannan/Ranjith 314
Junwei/Dickson vs Irene/Zhibin 313
Mega/Cat vs CM/Jimmy 313
Dickson/Geoff vs Junwei/Zanel 312
IMH Daniel/Cheryl vs Wangqian/Richard 311
IMH (Maureen/Patrick vs James/Philips) 309
[IMH vs CSC] MuXiong/Yee vs Rick/Cheryl -Game 2 309
Rick/Cheryl vs Shibao/Ambert 308
Melvyn/Derek vs Amber/Zanel 307
Bruce/Mus vs Mega/Patrick 306
Dickson/Netasia vs Zanel/ChyuanMing 306
Zanel/Netasia vs Derek/Phung 306
Exhibition Match (Part 3) 301
Irene/Zhibin vs Wangqian/daniel 298
Daniel/Mega vs Junwei/Netasia 294
[IMH vs CSC] Ambert/Zanel vs Ben/Ka Soon -Game 2 285
MDIS (Renard/WangQian vs Mega/Janet) 285
[MATCH] Ambert/Zanel vs Wang Qian/Li Min Game 2 284
Jimmy/Netasia vs Maureen/Daniel 281
Rick/Cheryl vs Shibao/Bowen 278
IMH (Maureen/Jimmy vs Rick/Kief) Game 2 276

Join Our Badminton Group

22/11/2014 YCK Secondary School

7-8: c1, 2
8-9: c1, 2

    Mustafa (monthly)
    Cheryl (monthly)
    Rick (monthly)
    daniel (YEARLY)
    lilian (YEARLY)
    Zanel (monthly)
    Ambert (monthly)

    anthony, weeyeh, uncle jimmy
    9. surge
    10. Harry
    11. [Slot available]
    12. [Slot available]

x1 name per slot
Anyone with BSR 5.0 & above are welcomed.

Absentees without 24-hrs advanced notice will be subjected to a $2 fine.
Players will be ban for pulling out the session more than 5 times without valid reason.

Female/student: $5
Adult: $8
Monthly: by invitation only

Click here for more details or contact Zanel

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